Which pool are you in?

Sure.  Anyone can start a business.  Statistics indicate that the vast majority of them will fail inside of a year.  Starting a business takes a lot to be successful - creativity, discipline, energy, intelligence, ingenuity, grit and last, but certainly not least, a sense of humor.  The one trait, above all, that seems to be … Continue reading Which pool are you in?

What makes a Power of Attorney “durable”?

Fair question.  The answer, very logical.  A "durable" power of attorney must be printed on 40lb bond paper.   No, that's not what makes it durable, I swear, this stuff is funny - to someone (okay, maybe just me). A Power of Attorney document is based entirely in agency law.  Rule One of agency law - … Continue reading What makes a Power of Attorney “durable”?

The Gap After Clinical Care

The 1950's and 1960's saw the de-institutionalization of patients suffering from mental illness.  Why is that?  Well two things: 1) Due to the lack of institutional oversight, the institutions themselves were wrought with problems and cases of patients being abused; and 2) the Civil Rights Movement.  A person diagnosed with a mental illness hasn't committed … Continue reading The Gap After Clinical Care

Knowing when to stop the dialogue.

Whether it is at home, in litigation, or in a negotiation, there are moments in life where continuing to communicate will push you further from your goal. Knowing when to stop the communication requires some intuition and experience.  A feel for whether you can convince the other side to "see the light."  No matter how … Continue reading Knowing when to stop the dialogue.

A word about LLCs

"I'm protected, I have a LLC."  I've heard it a thousand times.  As a lawyer, it frustrates me to no end.  I don't want to burst anyone's bubble, but filing a LLC, alone, does nothing to protect anyone from anything. Why is that?  The idea behind a limited liability company is that is a separate … Continue reading A word about LLCs

Finally had the conversation – you aren’t going home.

I finally had the conversation with my mom that I had been fearing.  Mom had been clinical from October until December - literally three months in a row.  She'd have a month long hospitalization, then she'd be discharged.  Within a week, she'd be pink slipped again.  I just kind of kept my hands off the … Continue reading Finally had the conversation – you aren’t going home.

Changing the Statute of Limitations – Again?

The Ohio Legislature is busy reviewing and revising the statute of limitations for contracts.  Again.  Service providers and lenders, listen up.  R.C. 2305.06, provided a fifteen (15) year statute of limitations to bring a civil action to enforce the rights of a written contract, but this law was changed by the 129th General Assembly when … Continue reading Changing the Statute of Limitations – Again?

Home Improvement Contracts

The matter I hate the most?  When a homeowner calls reporting problems with a contractor. Why?  There is only so much I can do before the cost of my services are going to outweigh the remedies or benefits that are available to the homeowner.  Why is that?  It's situational.  Sure, I can file a lawsuit … Continue reading Home Improvement Contracts

Make your life easier – hacks for being a caregiver

Here are a few things that have made my life easier as a caregiver: Code locks on family member's home - I hate when I've needed to get into mom's house, but can't because I left her keys at home.  A code lock has vastly improved my life in that I don't have to go … Continue reading Make your life easier – hacks for being a caregiver

You Ain’t Atlas – Caregiver

Being a Caregiver to a Family Member with Clinical Mental Illness I don't know if it was because it was my mom, or if it was my Super Man complex (not actually a thing) coming into play, but when I got the call mom was in the Emergency Department, I immediately went into fix-it mode.  … Continue reading You Ain’t Atlas – Caregiver

My Baptism – Caregiver Journey

A brief anecdote of how my journey as a caregiver to a family member with mental illness began It was the summer after my sophomore year of college when I found out my mother had a clinical mental illness.  I was sound asleep when the phone rang. "Is this Chris Murphy?" asked an unfamiliar voice. … Continue reading My Baptism – Caregiver Journey

This thing still work?

It's been almost five years since I wrote on this here blog.  Handled a couple thousand matters - found a good friend to practice law with and have assembled an outstanding staff of good folks. My practice is generally geared towards business and healthcare providers, license holders, permits, small businesses, etc.  Those are the clients … Continue reading This thing still work?

Selling Your Home? Be Sure to Disclose Any Known Issues.

In Markel v. Wright, 2013-Ohio-5274, Brooke Markel, the Plaintiff, sued the former owners of her home after encountering moisture in her basement.  To remedy the wet basement, the Plaintiff spent $16,500 to waterproof the basement. Prior to selling the home, the Wrights, the former owners and Defendants, properly disclosed they had previously encountered moisture in the basement, … Continue reading Selling Your Home? Be Sure to Disclose Any Known Issues.