Codify Roe v. Wade? Congress can’t.

A common thing I'm hearing right now is that if the Democrats want to keep Roe v. Wade, they need to codify it. It isn't that easy. Congress can't just pass a law on anything. That's kind of the foundation of the whole States' Rights argument, but where does it come from? Article I, Section … Continue reading Codify Roe v. Wade? Congress can’t.

Why Equal Protection of 14th Am. Must Stand

Justice Alito in the draft opinion of Dobbs v. Jackson, overturns Roe v. Wade on the basis that a woman's right to choose is grounded in the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment and is not expressly written into the Constitution. If we overturn Roe, there are a number of other cases, also grounded … Continue reading Why Equal Protection of 14th Am. Must Stand

Inherited Professionals

A few years ago I inherited a share of my uncle's IRA. With it, I inherited his financial advisor. I was paying the advisor 1.5% of the portfolio value each year to manage the investments. This fee also enabled me to meet with him quarterly and get his advice on retirement. FIRST IMPRESSIONS. The first … Continue reading Inherited Professionals

Just stop. You sound like an idiot.

I have heard more about "riots," supporting law enforcement, and preserving "our history" than I care to. It is obnoxious. Riots! Folks, what has occurred in the days after George Floyd's death and public demonstrations are FAR from "riots." If you need to be reminded of what a riot looks like, there is a documentary … Continue reading Just stop. You sound like an idiot.

Can we stop? And take a breath?

This is some scary stuff - no question. The Director of the Ohio Department of Health has announced there are over 100,000 Ohioans who have likely been infected (NBC4). There is no stopping or avoiding the Coronavirus, but rushing out to the grocery store and treating your anxiety with toilet paper isn't going to help … Continue reading Can we stop? And take a breath?

A series of spectacular failures.

In the Spring, I cut a piece of plywood into about 400 pieces. For some reason or another, the visual, when plywood is turned on its side, is appealing to me. I layed the pieces out into a herringbone pattern and glued everything up. It took... forever. Here is the top after sanding, filling voids, … Continue reading A series of spectacular failures.

How to deal with liars

We all deal with them.  Folks who have zero compunction about lying.  And, if you confront them about it, guess what?  They'll lie more, blame you, or further complicate the matter.  So what do you do? Document the file.  And this can be done in a variety of ways.  For lawyers, we document the file … Continue reading How to deal with liars

Which pool are you in?

Sure.  Anyone can start a business.  Statistics indicate that the vast majority of them will fail inside of a year.  Starting a business takes a lot to be successful - creativity, discipline, energy, intelligence, ingenuity, grit and last, but certainly not least, a sense of humor.  The one trait, above all, that seems to be … Continue reading Which pool are you in?