Which pool are you in?

Sure.  Anyone can start a business.  Statistics indicate that the vast majority of them will fail inside of a year.  Starting a business takes a lot to be successful – creativity, discipline, energy, intelligence, ingenuity, grit and last, but certainly not least, a sense of humor.  The one trait, above all, that seems to be the best predictor of success, whether a person believes in himself.  Successful people are willing to take risks, some more calculated than others, without fear of failing.  Maybe that’s not accurate.  There is always fear of failing, but successful business people don’t allow themselves to become preoccupied or paralyzed by the fear.  It’s there, but they use it as motivation, to work harder, longer, leaner, and smarter.  They believe they can accomplish the goal – no matter the unknown.

I’ve had clients, as soon as a threat is made against them or they’re served with a lawsuit, they are just paralyzed.  They can’t navigate the day-to-day anymore.  They’re unwilling to live a life with any level of risk.  These are also the type of people who tend to have the largest legal bills.  They won’t make large investments or try something new in their business for fear of losing money or failing.

It’s interesting to sit and listen to folks speak and their different outlooks on life.  There are definitely two pools from my perspective.  Those who can tell you all the reasons why you can’t do something and the pool of people willing and trying to figure out how.

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