When do my parents need to go to a nursing home?

As my father ages, my sisters and I are, once again, collaborating on how to "solve" the problems. When do we need to move him to a nursing home? What to Evaluate? The short answer is the existing dwelling and the person's ability to perform activities of daily living (ADL's). We can delay a move … Continue reading When do my parents need to go to a nursing home?

Hacks for Your Aging Parent

Here are some things you should consider for your aging parent: Grab Bars, Grab Bars, Grab Bars Did I mention grab bars? Bathrooms are a huge fall risk! Depending on the shower design (walk-in versus tub/shower combo), you'll need some outside the shower, insider the shower, and near the camode as well. The other place … Continue reading Hacks for Your Aging Parent

A series of spectacular failures.

In the Spring, I cut a piece of plywood into about 400 pieces. For some reason or another, the visual, when plywood is turned on its side, is appealing to me. I layed the pieces out into a herringbone pattern and glued everything up. It took... forever. Here is the top after sanding, filling voids, … Continue reading A series of spectacular failures.

Three Month Update – Caregiver

I moved mom into an elderly retirement community with nursing care about three months ago.  It was the best decision I have ever made for myself, and for her.  She was probably calling me 30-40 times per week, now she is averaging 2-3. She has gone from being clinical for three months, to now stay … Continue reading Three Month Update – Caregiver

Which pool are you in?

Sure.  Anyone can start a business.  Statistics indicate that the vast majority of them will fail inside of a year.  Starting a business takes a lot to be successful - creativity, discipline, energy, intelligence, ingenuity, grit and last, but certainly not least, a sense of humor.  The one trait, above all, that seems to be … Continue reading Which pool are you in?