Three Month Update – Caregiver

I moved mom into an elderly retirement community with nursing care about three months ago.  It was the best decision I have ever made for myself, and for her.  She was probably calling me 30-40 times per week, now she is averaging 2-3.

She has gone from being clinical for three months, to now stay on the level – not hospitalized for the past three months.

Aside from getting her the medical help she needed, the other services the facility provides is liberating – for both myself and my mother.  For one, all the doctors, beauticians, physical therapists, etc., they go to the facility to provide services to the residents.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much of our joint life was wasted traveling to doctors.  And, since there is skilled nursing on staff and seeing mom twice per day, there is a professional keeping track of mom’s medical issues and knows who is seeing her for what.  So much brain space freed up.

Most importantly, mom is getting social interaction with a group of peers.  The facility has happy hours, concerts, games, party nights, all sorts of activities and field trips.  Mom is getting the social interaction that she needed.  It feels really good to see her, not only healthy, but she seems to be happier in this environment.

I take my kids over to visit about twice a month.  Her apartment is small, but appropriately sized.  And it is a much safer and cleaner space, for everyone.

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